My love of wildlife, nature, and wilderness is the catalyst that led to my becoming a wilderness and nature photographer.  I firmly believe that this common heritage of wilderness is a part of all our collective unconscious.  Being out in the wilderness engenders a feeling of belonging with the world.  This is where humanity began and the sense of awe in its sublime marvels can be suppressed in our modern society.  I record what I see and feel through my camera so that I may share it with you, the viewer.  The fine art photograph is a creation from within; the gear is only the initial step in recording the moment.

Currently, my work focuses on bringing awareness to the wild lands that remain in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed, the area where I was molded. The watershed is home to over 16 million people and the restoration of the bay is paramount to a healthy ecosystem and population.  The interconnections of the Appalachians, rivers, and coastal regions make up an incredible, diverse landscape that is commonly passed over by its inhabitants.   As the coming weeks progress this website will be transformed to reflect this current work.

-February 2014.