Double Rainbow (What does this mean?)

If you don't understand the title reference please search for Double Rainbow on YouTube- it will change your life.

Yesterday I was photographing the power of the Potomac River in Great Falls Park (the Virginia side) and was caught in a decent sized rain storm.  After getting soaked I set up to photograph the remainder of the storm clouds.  All of a sudden a gorgeous rainbow appeared, which I gladly capitalized on.  As I continued to photograph, I joked to my girlfriend "Wouldn't it be cool if a double rainbow appeared?"  My girlfriend told me to be content with what was in front of me and no sooner a double rainbow appeared!  It was breathtaking.  I took many images that will soon be available for sale on this site.  Unfortunately for a news chopper, it flew by about 2 minutes after it dissipated.   I was truly blessed to be there at that moment.  Check it out: