Happy Mother's Day!

While a new blog posting is long overdue I am glad that I am forcing myself to write this in honor of Mother's Day. 

There are amazing, and humbling, examples of exemplary mothers throughout the animal kingdom.  Alligators in the southeastern United States carry their newly hatched young in their powerful jaws to their shallow nurseries.  Elk and White tailed Deer will lick their newborn calf to hide their scent and will throw themselves into harms way (as in Wolves and Grizzly Bears) to keep hungry predators from searching for an easy meal.  Wolves teach their young the social dynamics of the pack.  Elephants, Gorillas, Orcas: the list goes on and on and on.  There are incredible mothers on this big blue marble of ours!

My mother is also a paragon of maternal behavior.  She has always put her children's needs over her own.  Sacrificing personal opportunities so that her children could live a better life is something I can never repay.  When her eldest son told her that he wanted to live his dream and become a nature photographer she told him to "go make it happen."  

Thanks Mom, Happy Mother's Day.

Black Bears are another example of excellent mothers.  While this is not technically one of my best photographs, it shares a strong moment.  A dark subject with an overcast background presents a tricky situation for exposure, and it's even more tricky when the subject has the ability to move.  But this photograph was not created for technical excellence.  It shows a young mother with two five month old cubs after ascending a very large tree.  The Black Bear teaches its young the benefits of climbing as soon as they emerge from hibernation:  trees contain food and keep them safe.  To me it shows what a good mother does from the second their child is born by making their life all about their children and making sure they have the skills to make it in this world.  It's a beautiful moment.  

Until next time, be well.

Mother Black Bear and cubs.  Happy Mother's Day!

Mother Black Bear and cubs.  Happy Mother's Day!