What I am thankful for......

Happy Thanksgiving everyone (Happy Turkey Day!)!!!!!

While I am sucker for the Holiday season it is nice to live in a country where we have a national holiday of giving thanks (that may or may not involve celebrating putting food in other food...).

Much like everyone I am thankful for my friends, family, and girlfriend.  They have been very supportive of this company.  I am thankful for nature (Mother Earth), especially all the amazing wildlife I have been able to photograph that shared such amazing moments that I was honored to capture.  I am thankful for all the amazing nature photographers I have met through mutual passion that have become dear friends.  I am thankful for my heroes-  who inspire me to continue striving for excellence.

It's those moments that define the good life for me.  Let me share a recent occurrence :  Last Saturday I received a report that one of my favorite song birds, the Snow Bunting, was hanging out not too far from my home.  I asked my mother to accompany me on an early morning trip to find the bird.  After a long time of searching, the light became too harsh, and we called it a morning.  No more than 2 hours later did I receive another report that the bird had been seen about an hour after we left.  I luckily (as I will get into soon) convinced my mother to return with me for an evening search.  No more than 20 minutes after we arrived did my mother (who had never seen this bird before) spot this wonderful avian brother.  The Snow Bunting was quite tame and became very comfortable with our presence.  We spent about an hour with the bird in great evening light.  We decided to call it an evening as the sun went down and allow the handsome bird to continue his search for food.  

It's moments like these I'm thankful for.  Not only did we watch and photograph such an amazing bird, it was a moment I was able to share with my mother.  It was my mother who spotted it after all!

So Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  Enjoy this wonderful day.  Stay tuned as I have some very big news to announce in the next week or so.

 Snow Bunting in winter plumage.  A wonderful bird!

Snow Bunting in winter plumage.  A wonderful bird!

 Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Halloween.

Happy Halloween everyone!

It's been a busy couple of weeks.  Toward the end of September into the beginning of October I was in Benezette, Pennsylvania shooting the majestic Elk herd there.  It is a gorgeous mountain town with great people and amazing scenery.  The fall colors were already vibrant there in late September and the wildlife was incredible.

Lucky for me a friend of mine, Tom Dorsey, showed me around up there and I had a blast with him and his lovely wife Jeanne.

Tom is one the best photographers I know and his work is absolutely breathtaking.  He's also one heck of a dude too.  Check out his website here:


Fall has been very nice with the beautiful array of colors.  I have been spending time in Shenandoah National Park getting ready for the Whitetail Deer rut and in December I will be returning to the Everglades of South Florida and take part in some island hopping and underwater photography.  

Also in December I will be giving my first public display of gallery prints!  More details to follow shortly.

In an unrelated note, Hurricane Sandy was a terrible storm and a lot of people are suffering.  You can help through the red cross by going to this link:  http://www.redcross.org/charitable-donations

Happy Halloween! Cheers!

 Bull Elk in Fog.  Benezette, PA

Bull Elk in Fog.  Benezette, PA

 Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

Double Rainbow (What does this mean?)

If you don't understand the title reference please search for Double Rainbow on YouTube- it will change your life.

Yesterday I was photographing the power of the Potomac River in Great Falls Park (the Virginia side) and was caught in a decent sized rain storm.  After getting soaked I set up to photograph the remainder of the storm clouds.  All of a sudden a gorgeous rainbow appeared, which I gladly capitalized on.  As I continued to photograph, I joked to my girlfriend "Wouldn't it be cool if a double rainbow appeared?"  My girlfriend told me to be content with what was in front of me and no sooner a double rainbow appeared!  It was breathtaking.  I took many images that will soon be available for sale on this site.  Unfortunately for a news chopper, it flew by about 2 minutes after it dissipated.   I was truly blessed to be there at that moment.  Check it out:

Nature Photographer Magazine Contest

Hello everyone,

My image, A Walk In The Clouds, was recently honored in the first ever contest from the internationally published magazine, Nature Photographer.

In honor of this contest, the editors have released a special edition iPad App and PDF file showcasing a wide range of absolutely stunning nature images.

The iPad App can be downloaded in the iTunes store by searching for Nature Photographer Mag.  Be sure to update the App after downloading (you will be prompted to do so automatically).  It is the "Special Edition 2012 Magazine."

The PDF can be downloaded by going here and clicking on the Special Edition Contest Winner PDF on the front page.

Thank you for your continued support.  I look forward to showcasing more images for you.




Thank you for visiting my website!!  I look forward to meeting many new great people through this Blogosphere.

This Blog will serve as a way to communicate with my collectors and fans on my current projects, happenings, and general musings on all things nature, photographic, and artistic.

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